paper  arxiv  ADS, Hubble Space Telescope search for the transit of the Earth-mass exoplanet Alpha Centauri Bb Perryman et al. 2016 In 2019, the angular separation between the two stars was 4.92 arcseconds and it increased to 5.49 arcseconds in 2020. paper  arxiv, Planet formation in small separation binaries: not so excited after all The two stars would have apparent magnitudes of -6.5 (Rigil Kentaurus) and -5.2 (Toliman). it reaches the highest point in the sky, at midnight on April 24 and around 9 pm on June 8. Image: ESA/NASA (CC BY 2.0). The large number of background stars is due to the fact that Proxima Cen is located very close to the plane of the Milky Way. 1. The project was developed by the physicist and entrepreneur Yuri Milner, physicist Stephen Hawking, and internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, with the goal to develop a fleet of solar sail spacecraft that could be sent to the Alpha Centauri system. Astrobiolo., 14, 305 it never sinks below the horizon. The reason this is a big deal is twofold. Through a telescope, one can make out the system's two stars Alpha Centauri A and its smaller, dimmer companion Alpha Centauri B. J. Alpha Centauri. Toward Alpha Cen B b. February 24th, 2008 greg. We demonstrate that the 3.24 d signal observed in the Alpha Cen B data almost certainly arises from the window function (time sampling) of the original data. MNRAS, accepted Revista Cubana de Fisica, 30, 81 It is part of the Horn mansion, which represents the horns of the Azure Dragon. We show that when stellar activity signals are … The name Rigil Kentaurus (pronunciation: /ˈraɪdʒəl kɛnˈtɔːrəs/) comes from the Arabic phrase Rijl al-Qinṭūrus, meaning “the foot of the Centaur.” It is the star’s traditional name and it refers to its position in the constellation. ESPRESSO confirms the presence of an Earth around the nearest star. 2016 paper, Measuring precise radial velocities on individual spectral lines : II. Alden’s work confirmed that Proxima was indeed the nearest star to the Sun. 0.61), Menkent (Theta Cen, mag. The name Toliman (pronunciation: /ˈtɒlɪmæn/) comes from the Arabic aẓ-Ẓalīmān or aṭ-Ṭhalīmān, meaning “the (two male) ostriches.” It refers to an asterism, “the ostriches,” in which Alpha Centauri was the brightest star. For one, Alpha Cen … HIPPKE M. Due to their location in the far southern sky, most of these stars are invisible to observers in mid-northern latitudes. Habitable Zones in Binary Star Systems: A Zoology unlike the previous 2 albums which focuses on the unknown and isolation, this one has a more uplifting feel to it. arxiv, Superhabitable Worlds arxiv, Dynamical Stability of Terrestrial Planets in the Binary α Centauri System Notes AAS, 2, 17 Rigil Kentaurus, Alpha Centauri A, is one of the 58 bright stars selected for use in navigation. 2012 A flare was discovered on the star in 2005. SAHU K., BOND H., ANDERSON J. The 3 suns in Alpha Centauri are a mirror of the third and final Spacewalk album. The planet has a mass of about 7 Earth masses and orbits Proxima from a distance of about 1.49 astronomical units. In 2012, the discovery of Alpha Centauri Bb was announced, but the planet’s existence was disputed in 2015, when a more recent analysis showed that it most likely did not exist. Alpha Centauri is our nearest star neighbor, and is a mere 4.37 light years from the Sun. paper  arxiv, Optimized trajectories to the nearest stars using lightweight high-velocity photon sails The star is classified as a UV Ceti variable, a flare star that shows sudden increases in brightness that last for only a few minutes. The graph has been created with gnuplot based on data generated by solving Kepler’s equation.Note 1: The time stamps refer to the motion as seen from Earth, i.e. It is a main sequence star with the stellar classification K1 V, which makes it more orange in colour than Alpha Centauri A, which is yellowish. Fujii (CC BY 4.0). ZHAO L., FISCHER D., BREWER J., GIGUERE M. & ROJAS-AYALA B. The larger component of this pair, α Centauri A, is a G2V star like the Sun while the smaller component, α Centauri B, is a slightly cooler and dimmer K1V star. Astron. 2018 Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to Earth, a scant 4.3 light years away, or 41 trillion kilometres (25 trillion miles). A flyby mission to Proxima Centauri b was proposed after the planet’s existence was confirmed in August 2016. Hadar, NGC 5617 and Trumpler 22, image: Wikisky. The southern luminaries Alpha Centauri, Canopus and Achernar were largely unknown to European observers until the English geographer, mathematician and explorer Robert Hues published his work Tractatus de globis et eorum usu (Treatise on Globes and Their Use) in 1594. paper  arxiv  ADS, Milankovitch Cycles of Terrestrial Planets in Binary Star Systems 2013 The south celestial pole lies about halfway between the Southern Cross and Achernar, the ninth brightest star in the sky. However, binarity itself is not an obstacle to planet formation. The distance separating Alpha Centauri A from its companion star B averages 23.7 AUs (of a semi-major axis), but swings between 11.4 and 36.0 AUs away in a highly elliptical orbit (e= 0.519) that takes almost 80 years to complete (see Dimitri Pourbaix, 2000 in the new Sixth Catalog of Orbits of Visual Binaries; Heintz Orbit Table, 12/1997; and Worley and Heintz, 1983). ENDL M., BERGMANN C., HEARNSHAW J., BERNES S., WITTENMYER R. et al. It was called Bungula (pronunciation: /ˈbʌŋɡjuːlə/), possibly derived from the letter β (beta) and the Latin ungula, meaning “hoof.”. 2015 RAFIKOV R. (1963), Philip K. Dick’s Clans of the Alphane Moon (1964), Larry Niven’s The Man-Kzin Wars (1966), M. John Harrison’s The Centauri Device (1975), James P. Hogan’s Voyage from Yesteryear (1982), William Gibson’s Neuromancer (1984), Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Earth (1986), Arthur C. Clarke’s The Songs of Distant Earth (1986), Poul Anderson’s Harvest of Stars (1994), Charles R. Pellegrino and George Zebrowski’s The Killing Star (1995), S. M. Stirling’s Drakon (1996), John Barnes and Buzz Aldrin’s Encounter with Tiber (1996), Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow (1996), Robert J. Sawyer’s Factoring Humanity (1998), Michael Ely’s Centauri Dawn (2000), Paul Levinson’s Borrowed Tides (2001), Liu Cixin’s Three Body (2008), Alastair Mayer’s Alpha Centauri trilogy (2016-17), and Kevin Emerson’s The Oceans Between Stars (2018). WFPC2 was Hubble’s most used instrument for the first 13 years of the space telescope’s life, being replaced in 2009 by Wide-Field Camera 3 (WFC3) during Servicing Mission 4. Its brightness has been observed to brighten by 75 times within only 20 seconds. They form the Alpha Centauri AB binary system, which appears as a single star to the naked eye. 2.17), Epsilon Centauri (mag. He used French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille’s observations made in 1751 and 1752 and compared the differences between the star system’s measured positions in the 1750s and 1830s. & POHL G. Proxima Cen b; Proxima Cen b is an exoplanet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, located about 4.2 light-years ( 1.3 pc) away from Solar System. The year when the distance to each system was determined is listed after the system’s name. Astron. Even though it lies at a much greater distance (390 light years), Hadar (Beta Centauri) is a first-magnitude star, the 11th brightest star in the sky, and the conjunction of the two exceptionally bright stars will be an extremely rare event. 2015 However, they would see Centaurus without its brightest star. Wow. arxiv, Project Blue: Visible Light Imaging Search for Terrestrial-class Exoplanets in the Habitable Zones of Alpha Centauri A and B 2014 In film, the star system was used in Event Horizon (1997), Lost in Space (1998), Impostor (2002), Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005), Avatar (2009), and Princess of Mars (2012). Even though Henderson measured the parallax of Alpha Centauri AB before Bessel, his work was not widely known at the time and it is 61 Cygni that is usually cited as the first star to have its parallax measured, as well as the first star to have its distance estimated. paper  arxiv   Hues made observations of the Southern Cross and other bright southern stars from the South Atlantic, during a voyage with the English explorer Thomas Cavendish, and published his discoveries in Tractatus de globis. EGGL S., GEORGAKARAKOS N. & ILAT-LOHINGER E. galaxies, submitted QUARLES B. Alpha Centauri system has five planets, two around Alpha Cen A, three around Alpha Cen B, and zero around Proxima Cen. The nearest star or star system to Alpha Centauri is not the Sun, but Luhman 16, a binary system composed of two brown dwarfs. AYRES T. Orbital plot of Proxima Centauri showing its position with respect to Alpha Centauri over the coming millenia (graduations are in thousands of years). Alpha and Beta Centauri are known as the Southern Pointers. arxiv, The Metallicity Dependence of Giant Planet Incidence paper  arxiv  ADS, Dynamics and habitability in circumstellar planetary systems of known binary stars Radial velocity measurements with the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) did not detect any planets in the habitable zone of Alpha Centauri B, even though the HARPS spectrograph has the sensitivity and precision to detect a planet with 4 Earth masses. 2015 Like the Sun, it is a main sequence star of the spectral type G2V and it exhibits coronal variability due to star spots coupled with the effect of rotation. paper  arxiv, Exoplanet Terra Incognita Still. He noted, “On several occasions while looking at the comet through the 12-ft telescope I noticed at the feet of Centaur a most eastern and a more brilliant star, which was a double star, similar to the one at the feet of Crusade; the difference being that in the Crusade while looking through the telescope one star seemed particularly away from the other, whereas at the feet of Centaur, the two stars seemed to be practically touching each other, even though one could distinguish them easily.”. The Alpha Centauri star system consists of three components: Rigil Kentaurus (Alpha Centauri A), Toliman (Alpha Centauri B), and Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C). 2018 The next apastron will be in January 2056. ADS   Dependance of stellar activity signal on line depth We conclude that alpha Cen B b probably has a mass of less than 2.7 M_earth, implying a likely terrestrial composition warranting future confirmation. & THEVENIN F. It is about 5.3 billion years old, a little older than the Sun. The prototype UV Ceti, also catalogued as Luyten 726-8B, is a red dwarf only 8.73 light years away. Revista Cubana de Fisica, 30, 77 In 1839, the Scottish astronomer Thomas Henderson calculated a distance of 2.57 ± 0.53 light years from a parallax of 1160 ± 110 milliarcseconds (mas). & DOMINIK M. What is the mass of alpha Cen B b? BELIKOV R., BENDEK E., THOMAS S., MALES J. J., 155, 64 It lies near Hadar, the 11th brightest star in the sky, and the Southern Cross, a prominent southern asterism formed by the bright stars Acrux, Mimosa, Gacrux, Imai and Ginan in the constellation Crux. & KAIB N. Acamar Achernar Acrux Adhara Albireo Alchiba Alcor Alcyone Aldebaran Alderamin Algenib Algol Algorab Alhena Alioth Alkaid Alkes Almach Alnair Alnilam Alnitak Alpha Centauri Alphard Alphecca Alpheratz Altair Aludra Ankaa Anser Antares Arcturus Ascella Asterope Atlas Atria Avior Baten Kaitos Bellatrix Betelgeuse Bharani Canopus Capella Caph Castor Celaeno Deneb Denebola Diphda Dubhe Electra Elnath Eltanin Enif Fomalhaut Gacrux Gamma Cassiopeiae Gienah Ginan Hadar Hamal Imai Izar Kaus Australis Kaus Borealis Kaus Media Kepler-22 Kraz Maia Marfik Markab Megrez Meissa Menkalinan Menkar Menkent Merak Merope Mesarthim Methuselah Star Miaplacidus Mimosa Minkar Mintaka Mira Mirach Mirfak Mirzam Mizar Mu Cephei Naos Nunki Peacock Phecda Pleione Polaris Pollux Procyon Proxima Centauri Rasalhague Regulus Rho Ophiuchi Rigel Rigil Kentaurus Ruchbah Sabik Sadr Saiph Sargas Scheat Schedar Segin Seginus Shaula Sheratan Sirius Spica Stephenson 2-18 Suhail Taygeta Thuban Toliman Unukalhai UY Scuti Vega VV Cephei VX Sagittarii Wasat Wezen WOH G64 Zeta Reticuli Zubenelgenubi Zubeneschamali, Alpha Centauri, α Cen, FK5 538, GC 19728, GCRV 8519, CD−60°5483, GJ 559, SAO 252838, CCDM J14396-6050, RHD 1, LDS 494AB, IDS 14328-6025 AB, IRAS 14359-6037, LPM 534, WDS J14396-6050AB, WDS J14403-6051AB, Rigil Kentaurus, Rigil Kent, Alpha Centauri A, α Cen A, Alpha, Toliman, Alpha Centauri B, α Cen B, Alpha, 4.244 ± 0.001 light years (1.3012 ± 0.0003 parsecs), Proxima Centauri, Alpha Centauri C, α Cen C, V645 Centauri, HIP 70890, GJ 551, LTT 5721, NLTT 37460, PLX 3278.00, CCDM J14396-6050C, LPM 526, LHS 49, LFT 1110, IRAS 14260-6227, 2MASS J14294291-6240465, Gaia DR2 5853498713160606720. The discovery of Proxima Centauri c was confirmed in 2020. The third brightest star in the sky, lying two hours in Right Ascension east of the Cross is Alpha (α) Centauri. arxiv   paper. 2020 in 222nd AAS Meeting (Indianapolis), 116.05, Sobre la habitabilidad de exoplanetas orbitando a Próxima del Centauro Solar sails are also the method of choice for the well-funded Breakthrough Starshot project, announced on April 12, 2016. With an effective temperature of 5,790 K, it is 1.519 times more luminous than the Sun. One of those planets was detected in October 2012, the innermost planet around Alpha Cen B, but now the existence is refuted. Their most recent closest approach (periastron) occurred in August 1955 and the next one will be in 2075. SCHULZE-MAKUCH D., HELLER R. & GUINAN E. +1.25) in Crux, but brighter than Regulus (mag. In January 2017, Breakthrough Initiatives also started collaborating with the European Southern Observatory to search for planets in the habitable zones of the Alpha Centauri system. Alpha and Beta Centauri (Hadar) are known as the Southern Pointers, or simply the Pointers in the southern hemisphere. Abstract: We investigate the possibility of constraining the sin i degeneracy of alpha Cen B b -- with orbital period P=3.24 d; a = 0.042 AU; msini = 1.1 M_earth -- to estimate the true mass of the newly reported terrestrial exoplanet in the nearest stellar system to our Sun. Alpha Centauri can be used to find several deep sky objects that appear in the vicinity. paper, How dusty is alpha Centauri? Alpha Centauri was known by many other names across different cultures throughout history. Notable uses in literature include a poem by Jan Neruda in the collection “Cosmic Songs” (1878), the short story “Proxima Centauri” (1935) by Murray Leinster, Isaac Asimov’s short story “Homo Sol” (1940), Larry Niven’s “Like Banquo’s Ghost” (1968), Frederick Pohl’s “The Gold at the Starbow’s End” (1972), and “Far Centaurus” (1944) by A. E. van Vogt, the novels Revolt on Alpha C (1955) by Robert Silverberg, Stanislaw Lem’s The Magellanic Cloud (1955), Gordon R. Dickson’s Childe Cycle (1959) series, Edmund Cooper’s Seed of Light (1959), Leigh Brackett’s Alpha Centauri or Die!