It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice of any kind. This is due to garlic’s polysulfides. About Black Garlic. Again, the main reason why black garlic helps fight cancer growth are the antioxidants it contains. Some of you may already know years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It is gaining popularity amongst professional cooks though because of its high antioxidant content and unique taste. I know it sounds impossible, but it’s 1000% the truth. Even though black garlic goes through the process of fermentation, it still keeps almost all of the characteristics important to our health that garlic has, and it even gains a few more. What Is Black Garlic? Find out what black garlic is and what you need to do to ensure that it doesn’t make you sick. Subscribe and get two FREE amazing ebooks, special offers, and cutting-edge health news. 4. Have you heard of black garlic? Black Garlic Extract Health Benefits and Application . Black Garlic starts off as regular white garlic. After the 3-4 weeks have passed, you take the garlic cloves out, unwrap them, and they are ready for consumption. This site is part of the MLT Enterprises Group Inc. Network © 2015 All Rights Reserved. If you want to Black garlic is regular garlic that has undergone a specific process, changing up some of its inner content. History of Regular Garlic In the beginning, garlic was only used as an offering to … Healthy Holistic Living brings you alternative health news from all over the web. Different from raw garlic, black garlic doesn’t have that much of a pungent smell. Some people even include it in their desserts due to the sweet taste. However, there is an official process for it in the US known as “process for preparing aged garlic;” it involves some fancy machines and specific temperatures. , it may be easier than you thought. Gut Health & Weight Loss. Yes, it’s completely free. These articles are sourced and shared with permission so you get all the news that's fit to keep you in good physical and mental health. Black and smoked garlic More fashionable in recent years, both are modern inventions. But for over 5000 years now, garlic has been used pretty much for everything. First, human civilization discovered how to cultivate white garlic. Boosts Heart Health. With a softer, molasses-like flavor, it is a more delicate option than the raw bulb. Learn how to grow garlic and turn it into black garlic at home. What does it taste like? We couldn’t find it at Whole Foods. Much more great antioxidants than white garlic. The garlic is placed in a closed container and then it is exposed fluctuating humidity and temperatures between 50⁰ and 75⁰C (120⁰ and 170⁰F). Kim Scott’s company Black Garlic Inc. sells black garlic online here. Now when you compare black garlic vs. white garlic, the difference is night and day. Though legend says black garlic was used by masters of the past for its optimal health benefits, black garlic came into focus in recent times thanks to Korean inventor Scott Kim in 2004. Read Next: 8 Foods in Your Pantry You Don’t Realize Are Medicine. We already mentioned that it helps remove heavy metals, and they can also harm our eyes. Black garlic is regular garlic that has undergone a specific process, changing up some of its inner content. Want to make this superfood at home? Stabilizes Blood Sugar. What are the differences between white and black garlic? This is also the area where we can see the real difference between raw and black garlic. How about all your taste buds firing at once? 2. Taste. While fresh raw garlic or sprouted garlic is definitely a potent medicinal superfood, antibiotic and antiviral agent to include in the diet from time to time, when aged it essentially becomes much higher in antioxidant content..