Bites on humans by Great White Sharks are extremely rare, and the number of actual predatory attacks even rarer. Just four of these were fatal according to the International Shark Attack File, although another database of shark attacks records seven deaths. “I was standing there watching these perfect waves coming in but there was not one person in the water,” he says. He hopes it might help to answer questions about the behaviour of these animals as well as about where and how they breed. Those types of attacks are exceedingly rare but have occurred. Although the great white shark is known as the most ferocious and aggressive shark, this shark typically does not target humans as prey. Tiger sharks have also been known to attack humans. Linkedin. He himself was attacked by a bull shark while surfing eight years ago in south-west Australia, nearly losing his arm when the animal smashed into him, bit into his forearm to the bone and carried him underwater. But there is no real evidence that sharks are actively hunting humans, according to the scientists who study them. There are over 400 species of sharks, but only a handful are dangerous to humans. In some areas, the local authorities themselves have taken action. Surviving the Great White") Although shark attacks can seem vicious and brutal, it's important to remember that sharks aren't evil creatures constantly on the lookout for humans to attack. Chapman believes there may be a complex set of reasons for why unprovoked attacks on humans appear to have risen in recent decades. Earlier that day Mighall had been practicing water rescues with another girl during training with her local Surf Life Saving association, repeatedly being carried into shore as the “victim”. Scientists believe that sharks see as well below the surface as humans do above it. However, these senses, impressive as they are, are not perfect. Mighall still has the surfboard she was riding on the day of her attack, a huge toothy bite missing from one side. “If these animals are chasing bait fish, the flash of the white sole of a foot from someone kicking on a board might cause them to dart at it,” he says. “The more sharks and people there are in one place, the greater the chance of them bumping into each other.”. Five or six people die each year from a shark, around 100,000,000 sharks die each year from humans But despite being potentially such an easy meal, sharks are really not that interested in hunting humans. The crystal-clear water beneath 13-year-old Hannah Mighall darkened for a moment. They don’t even necessarily mistake us for pinnipeds, like a seal or walrus. “If you are frightened, you can always stay out of the water.”. Naylor believes that in most cases, sharks bites are a case of mistaken identity. Attacks on remote islands or in less developed communities probably go unreported. The majority of unprovoked attacks on humans where a species is identified involve three large culprits: the great white, tiger and bull sharks. Despite the long-running presence of sharks in Maine waters, scientists know about only two recorded attacks on humans. Can technology save you from a shark attack, unprovoked attacks between 2013-2017, for example, was 84, increased numbers of great whites in the area too, warmer waters further south during the winter months, venture out into the open ocean for months at a time, there were just 66 confirmed, unprovoked attacks, database of shark attacks records seven deaths, sharp decline in the number of black-tipped sharks, dozens of different species responsible for bites, complex set of reasons for why unprovoked attacks on humans, potentially displacing species like bull sharks, turbid water and swells of more than two metres, a large great white breached directly underneath him with its jaws agape, swam alongside an enormous 20-feet-long great white, video footage of attacks and comparing these to injuries, successful hunters at night when there is a full moon, 0.08 attacks per million while in Australia they rose to 0.8 attacks per million people, far greater threat we pose to their survival due to over fishing, advise punching a biting shark in the gills, Read more about whether technology could reduce shark attacks, are now being trialled at several beach locations, electromagnetic cable that aims to discourage sharks, electromagnetic barrier as an alternative to shark nets, help to reduce the chance of attracting a shark’s attention, video made using Lego by Naylor's children. The main three species of sharks that can be dangerous to humans are Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Great White Sharks, and this is mainly due to their size, and ability to inflict damage if they do mistakenly bite a human. Great white sharks are considered to be the most dangerous species in the oceans today, but we still know very little about their life cycle and behaviour (Credit: Getty Images), “There are 530 different species of shark and there is so much diversity among them.