bag, the Biologic Winter Bulbs, and Sugar Beets seed mix is a diverse, nutritious and attractive option for your food plot. Before you start researching food plot products, assess the type of soil, slope, and surrounding vegetation to ensure you choose the product that fits these terrain types. 4.5 lb bag … The area (in acres) one bag of food plot will cover differs depending on the product. Other products, like Wildgame Innovations Backwoods Blend, will not grow in the shade or will need a few hours of sunlight per day to survive. Use this tool to your advantage by comparing what off-brand products contribute versus name-brand products. You can choose to throw and go in remote or select areas, or if you’re more ambitious, you can till a plot bed to plant the Blend over your acreage. There is no need to strategically place your plot bed in an area with direct sunlight because this product will survive under the sun or in the shade. The sheds are also in the picture. The “No-Plow” plot seed will thrive even in these environments when other seed combinations wouldn’t survive, making it an optimal choice for those living in harsh conditions for several months out of the year. The rating is based on the average rating (1-100) from all the criteria in which we rated this product. Some products of food plot seeds include annual and perennial varieties that return one or more years after the first plant. Play your cards right and you could be first in line at the taxidermist. You may have to put a little more work into this product than the no-till varieties, but once it’s planted, the seeds grow quickly and easily. This is because weeds start dying during this time and moisture increases to create ideal conditions for seed germination. The effectiveness of deer food plot products ranges from ‘not very’ to ‘excellent’. For instance, if you need to build a larger deer herd, a better time to plant might be between May-July. With so many food plot products available, decision-making can be overwhelming. Some deer food plot products use filler ingredients, like ryegrass, that may reduce its effectiveness compared to a more ‘pure’ ingredient product lines. The potency of the food plot product you choose will depend on how pure the seeds are in the mixture. This preparation will involve tilling the soil, adding fertilizer, removing existing vegetation, and making sure the soil’s pH balance is amenable for seed growth. For example, Biologic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets Annual Food Plot Seed clearly states in its product name that it includes an annual variety of seeds. With a blend of high protein forage grain, sunflower, soybeans, and yellow corn among others, you may attract much more than whitetail deer. Efficient To Use Due to how attracting the Apple Obsession food plot mix is, deer hunters can actually spread this onto the ground while they are hunting for a luring effect. A solid planting of leafy green forage can and in many cases should, be the foundation of most food plot systems. The No Sweat No Till plot mix by Antler King packs affordability, durability, and extreme ease of use into one package. Drought And Cold Tolerant During the winter months in some U.S. states, sun and rain are replaced with dreary drought-like conditions. The acreage covered per bag is normally listed directly on the food plot seed package. The second Whitetail Institute product to make the list, this time it’s the Clover Food Plot Seed mix that promises to “Grow Bigger Bucks!”. Being pH tolerant, the No Sweat No Till mix works well with most types of soil. For a price that fits any budget for ¼ acres of use, the plot mix is amenable for shady and hard-to-reach areas where most plot seed wouldn’t survive. Also be sure to check the peak planting seasons in your geographic area because it may differ slightly from the suggestions above. High Yield You might initially balk at the price for a 3 lb. Cost and Value There is no way around stating that with this product, you are paying more for the brand and the quality. For example, planting season in Texas might be different than planting season in New York due to the difference in weather patterns. You may attract more than deer with this mixture but with the multitude of different seeds in this product, you will be sure to see different plants maturing throughout the entire year. This no-till, annual seed mix comes in an economy 5 lb. Cost and Value The Apple Obsession food plot mix is extremely cost-effective as it’s placed on the lower end of the price range compared to similar products for a 6 lb. Find the Top Deer Food Plots with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands … is a jack of all trades. bag yet cover less acreage, like the OrOlam 5 Lbs Food Plot Mix that covers ¼ an acre. These days, on most online shopping websites, there is a feature that compares products side-by-side on factors like price, bag size, the area covered, among other criteria. bag. In addition to choosing a product that fits your geographic location’s weather patterns, you also have to consider what time of year the seed needs to be planted. On the lower end of the price scale, you will get a mid-range price but keep in mind the bag is 9 lbs and covers ½ an acre. In addition to its size, its ease of use and maturation of plants all year round increase its cost-effectiveness in the long run. You may want to shop around and compare the price of shipping among several companies before making a purchase if you cannot buy this product in-store. It’s no wonder, then, that planting this product once yields five years of recurrent blooms. Cost and Value The price for the OrOlam 5 Lbs Food Plot Mix is quite low, but the acreage you’re getting per pound is not as efficient as other products on this list. For example, WINA Apple Obsession is a deer food plot product that’s so attractant it’s considered bait in some states. For example, some plot seeds are not tolerant to areas without direct sunlight, while others thrive regardless of sun exposure. Suitable for Different Soil Types The Antler King Honey Hole mix is not as sensitive to soil acidity levels, or pH, as other food plot products making it amenable to a host of different soil types. Whereas, with more expensive products, you may not have to invest much energy into the planting of the seed and the plot will also be able to withstand more extreme weather conditions. Food Plot Mix provides the benefit of being able to grow in almost any soil type. Whether you’re looking to throw and grow as the product name implies or put the work into establishing a food plot through tilling and fertilizing a specific area, this versatile food plot mix will meet your needs. 2018 Best Food Plot Details. Cost and Value The price of The Wildgame Innovations Backwoods Blend is a little higher than other products on this list, but it comes in a 5 lb. SeedRanch Fall Deer Food Plot Seed - 10 Lbs, Evolved Habitats Throw and Grow extreme No Till Raddish Food Plot, 5lb, Whitetail Institute of North America Food Plot Seed Sampler Pack, 7 packs, Deer, Whitetail Institute Imperial Winter-Greens Food Plot Seed (Fall Planting), 3-Pound (0.5 Acres) (WG3), 5 Lb TROPHY FORAGE RAPE,Deer Food Plot Seed, Wildlife Forage. If you’re looking for a low-price food plot mix suitable for different soil types, then look no further than the OrOlam 5 Lbs. No-Till Option While you can plant Horny Buck Plot Seed in a seedbed that you have diligently tilled, fertilized, and prepared, you don’t have to go through all of these measures for the product to grow. No Tilling Required As the name suggests, the No Sweat No Till plot mix does not require tilling the soil or making a plant bed thrive. The type of terrain where you plan to plant your deer food plot will be an important factor in the type of product you purchase. bag covering ½ an acre which can be attributed to the seeds being treated with Antler King’s Ultra Coat Orange to boost yield. Whether you choose to use this seed in a plant bed or pour it onto the ground and go, it promises fast results at a decent price. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. Its performance is stunningly strong. The product you choose should match the level of attractant you want. Packed with protein that nourishes deer antlers, muscles, and bones, this plot seed mix not only attracts deer but helps fawns grow heavier and healthier. Hunters can take this product and spread around their deer stands, or other areas where equipment and motor vehicles won’t reach. For example, some products may include a proportion of filler seed like rye instead of using 100% the pure forms of seeds listed on the package. bag meaning you can throw and it’ll grow all year round. Products like this one sometimes use special seeds covered with a substance that enhances their survivability. bag, but make no mistake, you will cover more area with this small bag than most products in bags double the size. At first glance, the price for a 3 lb. Year-Round Versatility The annual seed mix in the Wildgame Innovations Backwoods Blend ensures grains and brassicas will sprout all year round for optimal deer grazing. Its performance is stunningly strong. They grew 33 inches in one year! Purity of Product While other food plot products might contain a high level of filler seed, the Biologic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets food plot seed contains purely brassica winter bulbs and sugar beets. The secret is in the seed blend that the company claims will grow “literally anywhere” and thrive in harsh winter conditions. Enclosed is a picture from last year, a 16-pointer scoring 181 3/8 inches. Genetically Adapted Whether boastful or not, Whitetail claims the clover used in this product is the only one of its kind because it's been genetically designed for the whitetail deer. bag that covers ½ an acre. Deer food plot seed products vary on their resistance to harsh weather conditions. Grows Rapidly With the “No-Plow”, you won’t have to wait weeks or even days to start seeing results. Various seeds, bulbs, and grains are used in deer food plot products. This is especially helpful for hunters who may use the product in their hunting areas where four-wheelers or other motor vehicles can’t access. However, the time of year may differ if you have specific needs. Packed in a small, 2 lb. This may be especially appealing for those of you living in colder, harsher climates as the annual seed combination in this product is equipped for some of the most brutal conditions winter brings. No tilling required. This product claims to be so attracting for deer, though you do need to check the game laws in your area before use. No one likes to spend money on a product that doesn’t fulfill its promise. Can be used around deer stands and hard-to-reach areas, Depending on soil quality, may need to till. The best 2016 food plot mix has to be a mix that you can count on to attract, hold and provide a high volume of quality nutrition for, during the entire entire hunting season. Other products come in a 5 lb. Cost and Value This is the lowest priced product on the list, making it an affordable option for those of you looking to try out a food plot for the first time. However, this small amount covers ¼ of an acre and sustains throughout the year such that you won’t have to buy different products for different seasons. Cost and Value The price of the No Sweat No Till plot mix fits anyone’s budget. A Wide Range of Uses The OrOlam 5 lbs. Micro Food Plots is a business that offers the avid hunter equipment to aid them in creating an ideal food plot for hunting. So if you need a product that might thrive in more difficult terrain compared to other plot seed products, this may be the best fit for you. Some products, like the Whitetail Institute Imperial “No-Plow” Food Plot Seed, grow well in shady areas. Your wallet might hurt a little paying for the brand, but you’ll get a sustainable plot and quality seeds in return for the trouble. If you are thinking of creating a food plot in your backyard or easily accessible acreage, portability may not be a factor for you. Other products are not as obvious, like the Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover Food Plot Seed which grows up to 5 years after the first plant. As the saying goes, you want to get the best bang for your buck - no pun intended. The 4.5 lb bag covers a ¼ acres of land. bag covers ½ an acre. Shade and pH tolerant. The price point is at the higher range of deer food plot products. Showing 1–12 of 23 results Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Common plant seeds and bulbs include sunflower, brassica, clover, turnips, corn, soybeans, and chicory. In fact, you may start seeing growth within 24 hours as long as you establish good soil-to-seed contact while planting. So not only are the plants easy to grow, they thrive and enhance attracting abilities in harsh weather conditions. From the day you decide to turn a raw plot of land into a food plot system, there are decisions to be made regarding what purpose will be served by the plot and how to best achieve that purpose. Weather and Disease Resistant The Clover Food Plot Seed mix is one of the only food plot products in this review that provides disease resistance on top of extreme cold and heat durability. A general rule of thumb is that the soil’s pH tests between 6.5 - 7.5 for optimal food plot growth. Furthermore, these no-till products can reach areas where equipment for tilling the soil cannot, optimizing the food plot area. If you want to plant corn, soybeans, or both, these need to be planted in the spring. If you aren’t keen on tilling, look no further than the deer food plot products that don’t require tilling for growth. This means you can pour the product directly on the ground, wherever you want it to go! A little more ground-work than no-till products, Routine upkeep is needed to ensure growth. And this could be for a variety of reasons. Technologies like seed coating can improve the chance the seed survives and not only boost yield but the sustainability of the yield once established. Made in Wisconsin, the Horny Buck is an economy seed mix that the company claims will grow “literally anywhere”. For a 5 lb. All Soils Welcome In addition to attracting a wide array of different wildlife, the variety of seeds in the OrOlam 5 lbs. REAL RESULTS! " This is where research will come into handy and become your best friend. Additionally, with a little work on the front end by tilling the soil, the product holds up quite well in shady areas and weather disturbances making it even more value for the price. However, when you consider a 3 lb. Depending on your skill level, time availability, and space allotment for the food plot, you may be concerned with how easy it will be to plant your deer food plot. The importance of portability also depends on where you plan to use your plot seed. Consequently, the product serves as an efficient, multi-purpose seed mix that can either be used as a food plot or immediate-use attractant depending on the user’s intent. With a combination of oats, rye, brassica, and clover, it attracts deer with the best of annual and perennial plants they love. It is ideal for hunters who do not have time to plant an entire food plot bed and it’s extremely cost-effective to boot. Versatility Whether you are a hunter looking for a no-frills throw and go option or a wildlife-enthusiast planning an elaborate food plot, The Evolved Habitats Throw and Grow will help you achieve your goal. This is ideal for hunters who may have tree stands in secluded areas where motor vehicles or other equipment can’t reach. Ease of Use As the name implies, the Evolved Habitats Throw and Grow can be poured directly onto the ground as a throw and go option making it easy to apply where equipment can’t reach. Try your best not to get sucked in by the aesthetically magnetizing WINA APL6 Apple Obsession Deer package. You can choose to pour it directly onto the soil where your seedbed is located or use it as a throw and go option throughout your property. As there is such a multitude of different seeds, they will mature at different times throughout the year. And finally, you aren’t paying for filler seeds; this product contains solely brassica bulbs and sugar beets. This is because the product uses a combination of rapeseed and turnips, which are easily grown in most locations, in the seed mixture. What’s more, when the ground freezes over, this increases deer consumption of the plants because their sweetness is brought out by the molecular changes freezing temperatures bring about. You have an important role to play in choosing the appropriate product, however, the quality of the product will impact its effectiveness as well. ..." Read more » Justin Paulsen - Illinois . Food Plots to Hold and Attract for the Entire Season. This is an early season plot that can be a dependable location for that first sit of the year. Common grains include oats, wheat, and rye. Deer and Turkey Food Plots | Top 5 Food Plots To Plant This Year. Furthermore, some products of plot seeds will be suitable in areas where drought and extreme temperatures are common, while other products will not survive in these environments.