Download “Export Packing List Template 07” – Downloaded 25 times – 129 KB Jul 12, 2019 - We are offer some customize and printable packing list templates in MS Excel Format. It can also serve as a bill of lading and is also used to give the details of the shipment. Once the items have been packed, the list is delivered along with them to the buyer’s pre-defined destination. Unity Logistics is a freight forwarding agency based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire who help businesses to arrange their international transportation. It is similar to, but does not replace, the Commercial Invoice, which is used by customs to assess duties and fees. However, in cases where a letter of credit is used, write the name of the bank with the words ‘To the order of…’ If the contents of the shipment are to be resold at the destination to a third party, mention the words ‘To order’. Packing List Template. Once you have decided on the template which you intend to use, you just need to complete the template with the required information. Export Invoice Format. An invoice is paperwork which is provided with goods you purchased through an online shop. An export packing list is a detailed document that states all of the product and packaging details contained in each shipment. There is no rule for the numbering of an invoice, so you can any format. A Packaging List is an important document that assures that the goods arrived or departure correctly. This blank packing list template is a free printable and editable Microsoft Word document that allows you to document information on a shipment. File Format. ・Ocean Export Email: For example, you can write CIF TOKYO and FOB SHANGHAI. This format for packing slip have different blocks for creating related information or description. It is a template made on word excel. The template is available in MS Word format, and it has designed in such a way that you can easily use and print it. Trade terms needs to be written. PDF. The weight list may contain the same details as the packing list but must, as a minimum, indicate the weight of the goods and usually the weight of each packing unit. The practice of pasting the Packing List on the sides of the cartoon or the boxes to be shipped is generally the practice of those organizations that are involved in sending their consignments to other parts or countries. Packing List is a more informative and detailed description of the packed goods for import or export. Due to Customs law, this document will be required for export/import declaration without exception. If it wasn’t for packing lists, shipping could be very DANGEROUS for everyone involved in delivery. If you want to include weight information, modify the template to list the weight for each item or package and a calculation for the total shipment weight. Knowing what the goods are and also how they are packing them, helps relevant parties identify how to properly handle them, as it is not uncommon that there is a difference between the people arranging the transportation and the people who physically handle the goods. This is generally prepared by the seller who delivers requested items to the consignee (buyer). Pre-carriage by. These documents are not difficult to write once you get used to them. What is more important is that the information included is both accurate and adequate. Tel: Therefore, don’t think it is just a list of purchased goods or a delivery note. The document will typically state a number of details relating to the shipment including how they have been physically packed. You may be aware that they are essential documents for exporting cargo and documents which need to be submitted to a freight forwarder or a customs broker for importing cargo. Link more than one export documentation documents to create entire chain of consignment documents. Country of final Destination. Marks and Numbers: Fully Addressed. You shouldn’t have any issue if you use the trade term set by Incoterms. Ensure you have something like this to ensure your goods will travel safely and without trouble. Beaches are unique in that there are so many items you will use here which you do not apply elsewhere. padding: 5px; Therefore, don’t think it is just a list … The number of the flight or the vessel, and the departure date should also be written. If you need to create one, you can use our company’s templates. Off Shore Trading. It helps to tally the items at different stages of the shipment and also … To overcome this issue shipping packaging list is used. Packing List Template 02. It confirms the contents of the shipment, indicating piece count, weights and measurements for the order. This is another easy … Freight Packing List The Packing List, which details the specific contents of each pallet, is an optional document you may choose to include in your shipment. Format of Export Packing List. Details of the exporter/consignorof the goods, including their name and complete address. Types of Carton Packing in Apparel Industry: After packing the apparel, … Types of Packing in Finishing Section: There are so many packing types followed in apparel industry. Other Reference (s) Buyer (if other than consignee) Country of Origin of Goods. Packing lists come in various formats, all with the same basic functions: To confirm the contents of a shipment as it left the exporter's premises. What do “INVOICE” and “PACKING LIST” mean? A packing list is a formal document that shows an itemised list of the goods within a shipping package (for identification and tallying purposes). VAT Reg No: Total measurement (m3): 5.292m3 A packing list is also used to support goods in transit between one party and another. To indicate weights, measures and the piece count (i.e., the number of cartons or cases) in that shipment. Import Export Business Software. The following are the most used among those: Flat pack (Shirt, sportswear, trouser), Stand up pack (90° angle), Semi-stand up pack (for shirt), Hanger pack (for coats, blazer, pants), Half fold pack (for pant). Get free Packing List Sample template from here. Packing List Often overlooked, an export packing list includes details necessary to make it useful for the exporter, importer, freight forwarder, and customs broker. An export packing list, for example, is far more detailed than a domestic one. Secondly, let’s take a look at the role of a “PACKING LIST”. Beach Packing Lists . Often documents such as packing lists are produced in a standardised format, for ease of reference, however, there generally isn’t a strict format that the document has to appear in. If the actual buyer and the consig… This list is attached with the commercial invoice and is sent to the customer, this making it easier for him to check whether all the products have been shipped or not. The content of a “PACKING LIST” is not very different from an “INVOICE”. Now, let’s take a look at the most important part, detail of the cargo. In practice, unlike “INVOICE” which is required without exception, you do not require a “PACKING LIST” as long as other documents include the total quantity and the weight of the cargo. Size: 9 KB. It indicates the packing material used for packaging and the number of bags per master packaging. Fax Invoice No. The information contained within the packing list should correspond with all other documentation relating to the shipment, such as the commercial invoice, a bill of lading or an air waybill. It might make more sense to call it a “list of purchased goods” or a “delivery note”. This “INVOICE” acts as an invoice, in addition to customs documents for export and import. The Shipping packing list template is a unique template that can be used when shipping goods. Or, it may also become apparent when loading a vessel or an airplane, which could cause cancellation of export, leading to increased cost and time to collect the cargo and to cancel the vessel. Buyer’s Order No. Needless to say, a “PACKING LIST” is an important document to manage the cargo and is useful when the cargo goes missing at the arriving destination. Any company that is involved with buying or sell goods overseas should have a basic understanding of the documentation needed. How to write Invoice and Packing List for Export cargo? To prevent this from happening, remember to complete these important documents correctly. A packing list is produced by the seller primarily for the use of the buyer. A customs broker will decide the tariff code by looking at the product name, so it is important to write the information clearly and in detail. td, th { It is also used for electronic export information. Write the importing/ exporting product name of the cargo, quantity, individual value and total value. The shipping and packing data is broken down by product, quantity ordered, quantity shipped, product weight, product number and description. There are no rules for case marks, so you can choose your own. The solution is proposed to efficiently maintain and track the operational records starting from purchasing to final delivery. 2. The packing list also includes sections for an order date, a packing date, a customer number, a shipping address, and signature lines for employee and manager verification. It … What is the suitable packaging for Export? If you have any shipment From Thailand and To Thailand, please feel free to contact me. What is the difference between Courier, EMS and Freight Forwarder? Packing List (also known as a bill of parcel, unpacking note, packaging slip, (delivery) docket, delivery list, manifest or customer receipt, shipping list) is a document which details the contents, and often dimensions and weight, of each package or container. & Date. border: solid 1px #ccc; It is normally followed by a company name, destination, box number and country of production or an exporting country. Total gross weight (kgs): 350 First, let’s take a look at the role of an “INVOICE”. You should never put a lower product price in an attempt to pay less duty, or underestimate the volume to reduce shipping costs. Present the template of Invoice, Packing List, Shipping Mark for Logistics. Free export advice for international growth, freight forwarding agency based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. You may wonder where you could find the template to complete. Information should include the size and the weight of the cargo, the weight before packing and after packing, however, the individual and the total value should not be included. Even if a freight forwarder and a customs broker do not notice, it may be identified after customs post audit and you will be required to pay a higher rate of tax. プロの運び人(フォワーダー)による貿易実務・貿易事務・物流営業の仕事を分かり易く解説する事を目的としたブログです。メーカー・商社・フォワーダーの輸出入の仕事に役立つ情報を更新していきます。. You need to write the name of the arriving port or the airport and the country. Also, when completing, it is important to write clearly, correctly and in detail. It also allows the customer and others involved in the transaction to check what has been shipped against the proforma invoice. Markings, HS Code, Net Weight, Gross Weight and individual bags weight is necessary to be mentioned on the packing list. Job: Freight Forwarder, Strength Used Closing transportation! Most effective logistics for used clothing with baling in Thailand. and Date. Secondly, let’s take a look at the role of a “PACKING LIST”. A packing list may be required for customs clearance in certain countries, however, if the commercial invoice contains all of the specifics usually included within a packing list, then this may suffice. }. Explained about DC Class and UN Number for International Logistics. When trading, a “PACKING LIST” is used to check the volume of importing/ exporting of cargo, how the cargo is wrapped and what case mark is on the cargo. What is the difference between FCL and LCL shipment? Details of the consignee, i.e., the party to whom the consignment is shipped (generally, the overseas buyer). Name: Shinya Iino Packaging Optimization for International Transportation! Make sure your packing list includes the package count and type, the dimensions and weight of each package, the cubic measure, the marks and numbers of each package, and the description of the products. Write an exporter’s (shipper’s) company name, address, telephone number and FAX number. Only by placing your bet on a good beach packing list will be able to make yours a success. Packing List (or Packing Slip) is a common type of form used between trading companies. タイ在住7年目。プロの運び人。タイで月間2,500本以上のコンテナの輸出入をする国際物流業グループ会社の社長です。貿易をもっと分かり易くする為にゆる〜いブログを書くことにしました。【自己紹介はこちら: #containervessel #containership #containertranspor, #transportation #logistics #canele #container #sea, #folklift #warehouse #folkliftdriver #logistics #l, #containervessel #containertarminal #seashipment #, #container #containerloading #gantrycrane #contain, #suezcanal #container #seashipment #logistics #car, #container #containertarminal #containeryard #cont, #airshipment #aircargo #freightforwarder #forwarde, #container #containervessel #containership #msc #v,, Explain about Type of Containers. The above example of a packing list is just a suggestion or template for you to follow. Therefore, packing list documents are required for all seafreight and airfreight shipments. When a cargo company is sending out thousands of deliveries both local and international on daily basis, it’s not uncommon if a package is sent to the wrong address or something is gone missing during the shipment. Beach Holiday Packing List. A packing list on other hand is a detailed list of all the products that have been packed into the shipment. A packing list is the only way in which a consignment can be cleared for entry into a new market and most importantly the only way in which the border crossing or customs officer can tell what is supposed to be in each carton being delivered overseas. Comment Download. Article by If you remember these three key points, you can expect a smooth trade business. Emma Jarrett, Director at Unity Logistics offers a closer look at Packing lists and how to complete them. If the company does not know what documentation is required, it is important that they at least know where they can find out what their documentary responsibilities and obligations are. Explained each Air cargo service. The template has fields for Packing List Number, Shipping Date, Customer ID, Ship To Address, Payment Terms, Shipping Method, and for each shipped product, you can detail the Product #, Description and Quantity. A packing list accompanies an international shipment and is used to inform transportation companies about what they are moving. In the case of shipping hundreds of stuff has been loaded daily so it is difficult to record everything without having any document. Export Packing List Purpose is for Customs to check outgoing cargo (exports) and incoming cargo (imports). The full name, address and contact details for the buyer, The full name, address and contact details for the delivery point, As this may be a different address to the address of the buyer, The net weight and the gross weight for each piece, Quantities of products within each package, The literal markings on the packages. Let us look at the contents of this all-important list: 1. Location: Bangkok I may be repeating myself, but it is very important to write an “INVOICE” and a “PACKING LIST” in detail, correctly and clearly. A packing list template for first-time exporters What is a Packing List? After gaining enormous experience in the purchasing and delivery operations, we are presenting in front of our clients functionally flexible & Best Export Documentation Software. Tel: Switch B/L, Invoice for your better deal with overseas company. I hope you are able to create a “PACKING LIST” clearly and correctly. The difference is in the detail of the cargo. Fax: It is important that the correct information is present and clear. Company’s Name. Role of Packing List. VAT Reg No: Full Address: ・Japanese Hospitality. Export Packing List Format. 18. Therefore, it is important to create an “INVOICE” with the contents of the trading which can be easily read and understood. Packing is done when a PO packing is completed, without giving packing list buyer QC never does a final quality inspection, packing list confirm buyer QC that a PO’s packing is closed. On the bottom of the form, there is also a notes field that allows you to enter any comments regarding the order and shipment. It is a detailed document used in International Trade to meet export documentation requirements around good packaged inside each shipment. Packing List; Packing List Format, Generator & Template Online for Export Try our sample Packing list format for exporters . It will be useful to have a certain rule, such as numerical order, dates, sender’s country or company’s initials. If you are using a broker and unsure about this information, please check with them. There is no standard format exists for preparation of a packing list. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it is indicative of some of the more common information required: The full name, address and contact details of the seller (Referred to as the shipper in trade terms). Details. There is no specific template for an “INVOICE” and a “PACKING LIST”. Full Address: Download the packing list template to create compliant shipping documents. An example of what a packing list may look like: Often documents such as packing lists are produced in a standardised format, for ease of reference, however, there generally isn’t a strict format that the document has to appear in. When trading, an “INVOICE” is used to check the contents of exporting and importing, and the amount of duty which needs to be paid by an importing country is calculated.