These are on the same basis as the extra-mural medical schools in Edinburgh, their medical curricula qualifying for licence only and not for Scottish university degrees. After that point, you will earn one point per dollar spent at qualifying establishments. Napoleon applied himself with more zest to his studies, in the hope of speedily qualifying himself for the artillery. Since the Living Desert is within a state park, qualifying disabled vets receive a free day use pass for the park. All the connectives in the list are conjunctions, which means that they are used to join two clauses within the same sentence. Restrictions often apply, like spending a certain amount of money before qualifying or buying certain items. Each lender has different qualifying criteria, and their rates and fees are apt to vary as well. Shipping is free on qualifying orders, and if you subscribe to their emails, you will receive a special birthday surprise. The daily rate is the appropriate weekly rate divided by the number of, 1. 日本語の本 (Japanese book) Verb phrases. This assumes a qualifying two-year service agreement. cardholders (£ 25 non cardholders) 64 players will qualify through to Blackpool from these qualifying rounds. First Time Homebuyers - HUD offers mortgage down payment assistance to first-time homebuyers who have annual incomes within a qualifying range. Entry Fee - £ 20 I.D. Target restricts the types of qualifying events that can be used to cancel a balance. Sizes range from extra small (0 to 2) to extra large (16 to 18), and they feature free worldwide shipping on qualifying orders. The council of Trent fixed the qualifying age at forty, with eight years of profession. He could score points at will during the, 15. It granted, manhood suffrage, it is true, but hedged with so many qualifying conditions and complicated with so elaborate a system of plural voting as to make its effect nugatory. . How to use qualifier in a sentence. A Labour Government would help nursery nurses progress after, 30. She barely qualifies as a team leader. Roma è una città molto viva = Rome is a very lively city. Dance 4 Less: Save money on plus size apparel, and enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders. Giga-fren. Get Grammarly. England must win this game to be sure of, 21. Ireland have an outside chance of qualifying for the World Cup. And Glentoran's win at Larne put the final nail in their faint, 29. Florida interior designers are also required to pass the qualifying exam administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). The criteria for qualifying for an elderly deferral of property tax vary by state. A new Register of electors is published every year on 1 December showing the names of all qualifying electors at a particular address. (2) I won't qualify until next year. There is no limit to the number of times a cardholder can request a balance cancelation, but Target limits the total amount of money that can be canceled to $10,000 regardless of the number of claimed qualifying events. roster of 32 talents to write pieces on the 32 qualifying teams. After his apprenticeship ended, a young man was qualifiedto establish himself in his own workshop and become a member of a guild. The program provides money to qualifying families based on income. ". " Other advantages are given in connexion with the qualifying of experts, &c., while nearly all the county associations in the United Kingdom employ qualified men who visit members in spring and autumn for the purpose of examining hives and giving advice on bee management to those needing it. France trounced Germany by five goals to one in the, 20. Compare that to our weakening qualifiers by considering the sentence ''That is a somewhat cute dog.'' Caterpillar Candles sells a range of candles with regular specials and free delivery on orders over a qualifying value. As in the United States, there will be criteria for qualifying for investment property financing. The two main rules by which the order of the words in a sentence is regulated are - subject, verb, object; and qualifying words follow those which they qualify. These are what are called "qualifying events" that would make you eligible for COBRA. In Japanese, qualifiers or modifiers of a noun always precede the modified noun. These include accomplishments that highlight your qualifying skills. Examples of Qualified in a sentence. If you already have a lien on the home, qualifying for reverse mortgages could prove to be very difficult, if not impossible. Giga-fren [Top of page] 10.5.5 Responses to Clarification Questions Related to Qualified Bidders Question 47: They offer standard, express and international shipping options, and free shipping on all qualifying US orders. The qualifiers sometimes, always, and usually greatly changed the meaning of the sentence in the example above. Even better, shipping is free on qualifying orders. The majority is most likely above the size of 14.2 hands, measured at the withers, qualifyingthem actually as horses. Examples of Qualification in a sentence One qualification for employment is that the potential employee must meet a drug screener. Anything less than a convincing victory by Graham Taylor's team will undermine their chances of, 27. San Diego has a variety of publications that nonprofits can use to list their events that are free to qualifying organizations. Get fashion rewards when you apply for a store charge card, and receive free shipping on qualifying orders. In nautical language it is usually combined with some qualifying word, as "half a gale," a "stiff gale." The qualifying week is 15 weeks before the expected week of childbirth. But Wyn would not accept that praise without qualifying it. 3. Her son is playing a baseball game in Springfield that could qualify him for the nationals, and she won't want to miss it. Depending on your qualifying event, your dependents will be able to retain coverage under COBRA for an additional 18 months. With AT&T, the iPhone 3GS with 16GB of internal memory will be listed at $199 with a qualifying two-year service agreement. When it comes to qualifying for unemployment insurance, Ontario workers are subject to different rules depending on where they live. I am having their best pasta dish. Yet students who have completed expensive training face the same difficulties as an untrained actor in, 28. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. There is also no maximum age limit for qualifying for paid holidays. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. 1. a. In China and Japan tea is generally drunk without any other qualifying or flavouring addition. Determining to enter active politics, he gave up his legal studies without qualifying for the bar, and in 1881 was elected to the New York legislature as a regular Republican, although in opposition to the "boss" of the assembly district for which he was a candidate. The online calculator available at the Wells Fargo website offers information about interest rates and other qualifying data. Holding qualifying rounds lasted a record campaigns in the to the quot. Qualifying Nouns with Verbs and Adjectives Types of Modifiers. The maximum limit on single charitable gifts, 19. Inquiring about low-income price breaks for qualifying households (this typically applies only to land lines). In addition to this, you will earn one mile for each dollar you spend using your debit card on qualifying purchases.